The Possibilities of an Indian Mail Order Bride

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India is the world’s second most populated country, with nearly 1.2 Billion people. Thanks to this, the country is plentiful of beautiful, single, educated, and honest Indian women that are looking for their other half.

Foreigners, (such as Western men) love the idea of dating an Indian woman because they are known for their desire to cater, love, and be with their husbands forever. Indians, given the majority of upbringing, culturally speaking do not look kindly on the idea of “dating” or being with more than one man per say.

While in metropolitan areas in India women might seem more open-minded or Westernized, the further you stray from the main cities, the less likely this will be. Because of this, many marriages are “arranged”.


Making sense of the culture first

It’s important for any man serious about pursuing an Indian Bride whether online, in person, or both that they take into consideration their newfound love’s religious practices and deep cultural roots. Figure out where your prospective love originates from, because India’s huge! From Mumbai to New Delhi, all the way to Bangalore, there’s plenty to see and beautiful, single Desi women to meet!

Unfortunately, some families in India request their daughter stray away from a relationship or marriage with a foreigner or Western man. This is potentially problematic, since Indians are naturally extremely close to their families, seek their approval, and stand close to the decisions their parents make. However, it’s not impossible given the right commitment and chemistry of personalities.

Try to research your woman of interest’s religion and culture, such as determining whether or not she’s Hindu (more than 80% of Indians are) or Tamil, for example.


From online to in-person

It is seemingly very difficult to locate credible websites that legitimately provide you with the opportunity to mail-order an Indian bride, per say. In fact, the most credible resource for meeting your prospective Indian woman of your dreams is through the popular dating-service provider known as Cupid—in this instance, IndianCupid.

Cupid media is well known for its legitimate women that it produces membership of in various countries, such as other Middle Eastern countries and many locations throughout Asia—connecting beautiful, single women with foreigner husbands.

Indian women, per their culture, and naturally very preserved. In addition to this, they are also very shy. With that being said, it’s important to take it slow once you meet your future Indian love in person. That is, especially as they are keen on waiting until marriage for sex. Make no mistake, India has deep roots of being open-minded and very sexual with their husband—where do you think Karma Sutra originates from?


Marry your Desi Love and You Marry Her Family

While considered illegal and looked down on by many foreigners and even fellow Indians, it’s not uncommon for a ‘dowry’ to be required to the family for the ability to marry their daughter.

In fact, the relationship and impression that you create with your Indian loves family is the primal determining factor in the likelihood of whether or not it will ever happen at all.

Without gaining her parents respect, love, and approval, in most cases unless your Indian girlfriend is really committed and independent, the relationship can become unlikely.

The fact that it’s common in Indian culture for children to stay living with their families even during college or at the start of the career just reinforces this reality—so be mindful, genuine, honest, and give it your best.

Ultimately, assuming you have the funds, time, patience, and accessibility to go to India to meet your future love that you met online or manage to meet in person, Desi’s hands down make some of the best wives and mothers. They always put their family first, and assume the role of not only a Mother with pride, but especially being emotionally and physically supportive of their husbands.

To top it off, Indians naturally work extremely hard towards gaining higher education and only the best career prospective possible to better the future of their families—a seemingly all around very desirable woman to consider spending the rest of your live with.

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